#30dayswild – here’s how we’re doing!

Some of you may be aware of the #30dayswild challenge run by the UK Wildlife Trust throughout June.  Some of you may have seen the gorgeous magazine-worthy blog and Instagram posts recording the "Random Acts of Wildness" that over 49,000 people, including me, have signed up to commit... here's ours. So, we're home educating.  We are … Continue reading #30dayswild – here’s how we’re doing!

Pause: an alphabetical proverbial poem about adulting and parenting

Written for World Autism Awareness Week: this is my equivalent of the shaved head, raffle or sponsored slim.  If it touches you at all, please click here to make a donation to the National Autistic Society or at least, share as widely as you can so we can hopefully tap into some rich people... Pause Accidents will happen (even in … Continue reading Pause: an alphabetical proverbial poem about adulting and parenting

Forgive us (me) this day our daily bread

Due to a combination of severe technical and emotional issues, I have reverted to blogging here at Dirty, Naked and Happy.  WELL it's not a true midlife crisis without some completely contradictory and fickle behaviour IS IT? Tried to go high heels and realised I'm better off in my old trackies, eh? What. Evuh. Let's all pretend the … Continue reading Forgive us (me) this day our daily bread

Scorched: parenting and learning

Words can inflame situations and words can burn and scar. So often I hear parents ruining an amazing learning moment with thoughtless words, leaving the child scorched, smarting in pain and with nothing salvageable left from their experience. Mum!  I made a boat that floated all the way across the puddle and...  Junior, why are your … Continue reading Scorched: parenting and learning

Walking along Democracy Street

‘Democracy Street’ is a national collaborative arts project commissioned by the Houses of Parliament Speaker’s Art Fund and Arts Council England.  For me, still lost in post-referendum anxiety, the timing could not be more poignant. The artist behind Democracy Street is Jon Adams, who I had the privilege of meeting at a National Autistic Society event, he … Continue reading Walking along Democracy Street

What does home ed look like?

People often ask me how my daughter is educated at home, what we do, whether we have tutors, workbooks, follow the national curriculum etc... I'm never quite sure what to say. To sum up our amazing, awesome learning adventure in few-enough words to satisfy what is generally only a very fleeting casual interest would be impossible and, I feel, … Continue reading What does home ed look like?