#30dayswild – here’s how we’re doing!

Some of you may be aware of the #30dayswild challenge run by the UK Wildlife Trust throughout June.  Some of you may have seen the gorgeous magazine-worthy blog and Instagram posts recording the "Random Acts of Wildness" that over 49,000 people, including me, have signed up to commit... here's ours. So, we're home educating.  We are … Continue reading #30dayswild – here’s how we’re doing!

Pause: an alphabetical proverbial poem about adulting and parenting

Written for World Autism Awareness Week: this is my equivalent of the shaved head, raffle or sponsored slim.  If it touches you at all, please click here to make a donation to the National Autistic Society or at least, share as widely as you can so we can hopefully tap into some rich people... Pause Accidents will happen (even in … Continue reading Pause: an alphabetical proverbial poem about adulting and parenting

Scorched: parenting and learning

Words can inflame situations and words can burn and scar. So often I hear parents ruining an amazing learning moment with thoughtless words, leaving the child scorched, smarting in pain and with nothing salvageable left from their experience. Mum!  I made a boat that floated all the way across the puddle and...  Junior, why are your … Continue reading Scorched: parenting and learning