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Too Much Information? Butt out!

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Please note this post was prepared way ahead of the awful event at Westminster last week, there’s no attempt to play off any increased searching or traffic around terms related to the Houses of Parliament.  I thought about not publishing this but on reflection, I hope the majority of people will not be offended.  If you disagree, I am sorry. – – – – – – – – – – This is a very deep, moving and personal […]

How to Start a Revolution, erm, maybe…

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On Saturday I went to the AGM of the National Autistic Society. Our family are members and have done a number of things to support the charity over the past couple of years from being featured in their donor mailings to busting a gut doing the Tough Mudder… It was thrilling to hear how their ‘Too Much Information’ campaign, to which my autistic daughter directly contributed, has broken records in both reach and response, touching millions of […]

Wot you looking at, with your #JudgeyFace?

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“The expression people pull when they are making instant judgements about James and me.  JudgeyFace”. That’s a quote from an almost-annoying-cool-and-funny woman-blogger-mum called Louise Williams speaking about the contempt and hostility that she and her autistic son James face when out in public. I would recommend you check out her blog, but don’t tell me if you think it’s good, I’m still dealing with irrational childish jealousy that I didn’t come up with #JudgeyFace. Seen […]

Too Much Information: by Beatrix, aged 8

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To mark the end of World Autism Awareness Week, Beatrix, my amazing autistic daughter, would like to share her personal experiences of Asperger’s.  She would really like to make a difference, to make her own little mark on the internet, so please share… To some of us autistic people it’s like a big dangerous world out there that we just don’t understand: having Asperger’s is like constantly having a heart attack that can’t kill you.

Beautiful Eyes… seeing beauty in details

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Ever since she was little, Beatrix has been allowed to use my iPhone.  I have always loved uploading photos to my mac and seeing her pictures in amongst mine; little insights, perhaps, into the world as she sees it… here are some of them. I am sharing these as part of World Autism Awareness Week, I do not claim that these reflect everyone on the autism spectrum, or even autism.  Just one little girl, her artistic sensibilities, […]

Aspie Life: By Beatrix (and parenthood by Mum, The A Word episode 2)

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Beatrix wrote the following after we watched episode two of The A Word together… she began reviewing the programme but quickly lost interest (it was mostly about crap parents, wasn’t it) and decided to just put some quick thoughts together as it was late and we have an epic play date with her bestie planned for today… An aspie’s head needs to be full like a day dream, I am thinking of several other things […]

The A Word: don’t talk to me about it

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If I had to critique The A Word at this early stage then all I could say is that I commend it for the robustness and complexity of all the characters and their stories, for the humour (genuinely LOL funny) and of course, the excellent music.  I’m looking forward to next week. What it is going to do for autism awareness/understanding/acceptance/equality, I don’t really know… I was privileged to get to see the first episode […]

Mothers’ Day: Neuro-elephants Part II

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Happy Mothers’ Day.  I got up really early and put a smashing leg of lamb in the slow cooker so I can treat MY mummy later then came back to bed.  I am still here, festering, until, hmmm, probably about 3pm.  I am feeling deliciously sleepy and almost dribbly incoherent other than the words “more coffee”.  Slightly too hot, slightly too full of my (random) smoked salmon and Wotsits special breakfast – yup – it […]

Neuro-elephants in the NHS and beyond

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I’m grossly fat and tend to maintain either an unkempt or unconventional appearance, my personality veers between the leering stalker side of genial and the apologetic spineless side of wicked.  I’m not exactly your alpha-catch. I sometimes lay awake and worry that this affects how people treat my daughter. There has to be a reason why some a lot of professionals act like you just stepped off the numbah nine bouncy bus from Badonkersville when […]