Forgive us (me) this day our daily bread

Due to a combination of severe technical and emotional issues, I have reverted to blogging here at Dirty, Naked and Happy.  WELL it's not a true midlife crisis without some completely contradictory and fickle behaviour IS IT? Tried to go high heels and realised I'm better off in my old trackies, eh? What. Evuh. Let's all pretend the … Continue reading Forgive us (me) this day our daily bread

Walking along Democracy Street

‘Democracy Street’ is a national collaborative arts project commissioned by the Houses of Parliament Speaker’s Art Fund and Arts Council England.  For me, still lost in post-referendum anxiety, the timing could not be more poignant. The artist behind Democracy Street is Jon Adams, who I had the privilege of meeting at a National Autistic Society event, he … Continue reading Walking along Democracy Street

The people I want to bludgeon

Bludgeon.  Mhhhmmmm, a delicious word.  Like curmudgeon.  One of the reasons I am generally happy and content is that I carefully nurture my inner curmudgeon, by rigorously maintaining a kill list. Over the past several years of mindful contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that there is little point in being disgusted at oneself. There … Continue reading The people I want to bludgeon