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Too Much Information? Butt out!

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Please note this post was prepared way ahead of the awful event at Westminster last week, there’s no attempt to play off any increased searching or traffic around terms related to the Houses of Parliament.  I thought about not publishing this but on reflection, I hope the majority of people will not be offended.  If you disagree, I am sorry. – – – – – – – – – – This is a very deep, moving and personal […]

Forgive us (me) this day our daily bread

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Due to a combination of severe technical and emotional issues, I have reverted to blogging here at Dirty, Naked and Happy.  WELL it’s not a true midlife crisis without some completely contradictory and fickle behaviour IS IT? Tried to go high heels and realised I’m better off in my old trackies, eh? What. Evuh. Let’s all pretend the “new me” moment didn’t happen. In fact, let’s be honest, whilst pondering on all this nonsense I took a proper […]

Wiping off my bottom

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It’s rare now for me to start the weekend rolling around on the bed, squealing and gasping in complete ecstatic abandon, but today [swipes back of hand across wet mouth] started out just like that. Since the first series of The Great Pottery Throwdown reenergised and supercharged my lifelong love of ceramics last year, I have also been tending another fire outside the kiln… Three words: Keith Brymer Jones A new addition to my elite roster of secret […]

Happy and out…

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It seems to be a ‘thing’ in the blogging community to do a “Year In Review” post and so as 2016 draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about this blog and what I’ve achieved, enjoyed, learned, yadda, blah, yadda… and there’s no escaping that, for me, it has run its course. Once upon a time I used to blog and tweet anonymously. It was awfully good fun. I had inadvertently inspired a congregation of US Christians […]

Photo Challenge: Relax

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Sometimes days are just perfect for no reason other than you are 100% living them. Warm soft sand, warm soft breeze, warm soft family, warm soft arms, warm soft words… …rather belatedly via Photo Challenge: Relax PS – the original high-resolution files for these images are lost, it serves as a reminder to relax, live today and create new memories, as well as reflecting on the past…

How to Start a Revolution, erm, maybe…

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On Saturday I went to the AGM of the National Autistic Society. Our family are members and have done a number of things to support the charity over the past couple of years from being featured in their donor mailings to busting a gut doing the Tough Mudder… It was thrilling to hear how their ‘Too Much Information’ campaign, to which my autistic daughter directly contributed, has broken records in both reach and response, touching millions of […]

Scorched: parenting and learning

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Words can inflame situations and words can burn and scar. So often I hear parents ruining an amazing learning moment with thoughtless words, leaving the child scorched, smarting in pain and with nothing salvageable left from their experience. Mum!  I made a boat that floated all the way across the puddle and…  Junior, why are your cuffs so wet?  Bad boy. I’ve told you enough times… End of day conversation overheard at daughter’s previous school I […]


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I can’t guarantee anything for anyone else, nor for my own family. I know what does damage, and I know what might help. Every second of every day things happen or don’t happen and there are consequences. I would say if you don’t want to gamble, don’t unschool, but the truth is that everything else is a gamble too. Sandra Dodd, Just Add Light And Stir