Forty Three, Facebook Free

Yesterday was my forty-third birthday.  It was nice.  Did family, did the cinema, did food…

I drank enough cocktails to give me such eruptions of acid indigestion that I was blowing it out of my nose like boogers of fire plus sufficient daft dutch courage to ‘indefinitely borrow’ the cool cup they were served in…

Oh, and I gave up Facebook.

I feel rather liberated this morning.  I have no idea what is going on!  You could all be dead from an overnight zombie apocalypse!  Like a normal old-fashioned human jellybean, I won’t know until I get my fat backside off the bed, open the curtains and put the telly on.


Hmmm.  If you are all dead, I will be really pissed that I’ve wasted hours redesigning this blog.  We have a new look-feely and slight change of emphasis.  I’m not going to worry about audience-gathering, awareness-raising etc, I’m just going to blog for me.

I am going to spend the next year looking outwards with wonder, not looking at a screen, increasingly numbed by the lack of proactive conscious effort to experience, thrive, grow.

Expect more quotes and girly shit like that, photos, a more natural hunter-gatherer approach, interspersed with the big rants.  Expect the same level of swearing and irreverence but there might also be craft. CRAFT.  Yeah, I might pretend I hate craft bloggers but I’m just jealous… owning it, biatches.

Facebook is a bad thing.  For me anyways.  The infinite scroll… I visit the loo too often as my IBS has gone awry again.  I sit there staring at, frankly, fuck all.  I need to refocus.

I’m working on a new mantra:

If you have to sit shitting, you could be finger-knitting!

Jill Finch, crafty blogger and IBS awareness ambassador

…it’s not quite there yet, all comments welcome.

And lastly, somewhat late to the party I appreciate, I discovered Snapchat filters.  Why sit on the toilet staring at Facebook and feeling depressed about other people’s perfect lives (as edited) when I can make like a butterfly princess?

Man, that butterfly filter.  I never knew I was born to be a butterfly princess, but maybe I was.  I am so beautiful.  I love me.  I am forty-three and Facebook free!

Who needs Facebook?

9 thoughts on “Forty Three, Facebook Free

    1. Thanks!

      Yes it’s also the increasing number of “Share this”, “Like this” abused dog, crippled veteran, disabled kid doing what an able bodied kid does but we need to go awwwww cos he’s disabled even though it’s irrelevant, dying refugee kid etc etc… all disgusting and there’s no way of avoiding it.

      Yay for craft! Haha!

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