Wot you looking at, with your #JudgeyFace?

“The expression people pull when they are making instant judgements about James and me.  JudgeyFace”. That’s a quote from an almost-annoying-cool-and-funny woman-blogger-mum called Louise Williams speaking about the contempt and hostility that she and her autistic son James face when out in public.


I would recommend you check out her blog, but don’t tell me if you think it’s good, I’m still dealing with irrational childish jealousy that I didn’t come up with #JudgeyFace.

Seen it often enough.

Beatrix is slowly coming out of all-season flip-flop wearing.  I took her to school in flip-flops for the best part of three years, whatever the weather, even the slushiest icy snow watching her toes in panic for signs of frostbite.

A large three-form entry primary school, that’s about 700 kids and their parents, grandparents, childminders, etc doing the JudgeyFace every day.  I was starting to get borderline Jeremy-Kyle-guest about it but somewhat fortunately the start of home education spared me from a minor assault charge and several weeks of community service.

As I wrote in I Stand Quietly, I’ve stood at the checkout in Waitrose many times whilst she wolf-howled due to the sensory impact of the environment.  Suburban middle-class 4×4 Conservative-voting JudgeyFace is my favourite.  Watch out you don’t wilt your micro salad or turn your artisan hand-cut wild boar pancetta rancid with that sour expression, biatch.

Louise is so not alone in seeing JudgeyFace.

74% of families living with autism told The National Autistic Society they regularly face tuts and disapproval. 87% said people stare at them.  As part of the Too Much Information campaign, Louise has put out a call on social media for people to “show us your #JudgeyFace, then lose it for good”.

Beatrix and I are getting behind Louise’s idea and so should you.

You’d be joining famous faces like Leigh Francis (aka TV’s Keith Lemon), Strictly’s Arlene Phillips, Fresh Meat’s Kimberly Nixon, and of course #pinkhairdontcare Alan Gardner who have been sharing their most severe JudgeyFaces this week.

(I’m trying to be grown-up about it, but freaking hell, she’s even got cool celebrities doing their #JudgeyFace for her, Rick Edwards could JudgeyFace all over my arse right now.)

I wasted much of yesterday trying to take my own JudgeyFace selfie that didn’t make me look like too much like a scary fat witch-munter seeing as it was going on t’internet.

Starting with The “Did Someone Just Fart” Not-Very-Judgey-Just-A-Bit-Lame Series:

…and then Beatrix decided to photobomb with her artistic interpretation: #JudgeyFoot:

It took me a while to find a clear distinction from my NotInTheMoodForSexFace and my general StrainFace but finally… please meet my JudgeyFace!

You’re welcome.

No one looks good with a #JudgeyFace. So show us yours by uploading your most judgey selfie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder or Grindr and whichever other trendy social media channels you frequent with the hashtag #JudgeyFace, nominate your friends to show theirs too and then LOSE IT.

One thought on “Wot you looking at, with your #JudgeyFace?

  1. Flip-flops are fine, whatever the weather. But for most of the year I wear crocs – I hate socks! (oo a rhyme) – I find that they last about 18 months before I have to get a new pair.
    Beatrix’s post “Too Much Information” was fabulous. Please let her know.


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