Beautiful Eyes… seeing beauty in details

Ever since she was little, Beatrix has been allowed to use my iPhone.  I have always loved uploading photos to my mac and seeing her pictures in amongst mine; little insights, perhaps, into the world as she sees it… here are some of them.

I am sharing these as part of World Autism Awareness Week, I do not claim that these reflect everyone on the autism spectrum, or even autism.  Just one little girl, her artistic sensibilities, the things that have captured her eye and that she has chosen to record.

Of course, I have selected these images from many so it is a curated view of her world.  I have not chosen them because I “like” them or because I think they are the most “wowwy” just because they are the most representative of the themes that have repeated themselves over the past several years: light and shadow, contrasting colours, ears and feet, lines and circles.

Please don’t misinterpret Beatrix by the absence of people in these photographs, she takes photos of her family and her pets too, as do we all.  I have chosen these images as they are the ones that many of us wouldn’t take, images that she has captured solely for herself.

If you would like to make a donation to the National Autistic Society who support and advocate for autistic people like my daughter Beatrix (the beautiful fierce tiger tamer in the image above) and our whole family, please click here.

Find more information about the #AutismTMI (Too Much Information) campaign, and how it feels to be autistic, and how you can help, please click here.

US readers: please note that autistic people would like you to Boycott Autism Speaks and choose not to “Light It Up Blue” this April, Autism Speaks spends 12% of budget on autism prevention research (eugenics) and only 4% on support for autistics.  For more info and how you can truly contribute to create a world where neurodiversity is accepted, then check out the Twitter hashtag #RedInstead. where you’ll find amazing #ActuallyAutistic adults to follow…  Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Eyes… seeing beauty in details

  1. These are beautiful photographs! I love them. Full of shape and colour and contrasting light. Please let Beatrix know they are appreciated. x Richard

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I am working very hard with her on self-esteem and tenacity at the moment, she is her harshest critic, so much “output” gets destroyed… trying to share the joy of the journey as well as the destination – your words are very appreciated and helpful! XX


  2. I LOVED this post! My son has autism and also a keen eye for photography. His favorite subject is nature and I am always amazed by what he manages to see through the camera lens. Like everything he does, it’s a unique perspective that no one else has.


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