Weekly Sketch Challenge 2/52: Sky #sketch52

The sketchbook challenge has proven to be loads of fun this week: paper, paints and glue everywhere.

This challenge was the first time I’ve heard daughter say she was looking forward to something in ages.  The first time she was motivated to prepare, organise her equipment AND clear away afterwards in months.

For me, it has been two lovely weeks of consciously looking up and around.  If there are no people to stare at, the sky is definitely the next best thing.

We’ve been thinking and talking about what we could see.  Looking for shapes in the clouds, dreaming about where all the aeroplanes were going to or coming from.  Bird watching.

Daughter’s sky is “day, evening and night”, not sure my photo does it justice as it is beautifully glittery.  She wanted to show the transitions, I really like it.

photo 1

Daughter’s learning: she finally conceded that it is Crystal Palace Tower not the Eiffel Tower that we can see from upstairs.  Good bit of flexible thinking but not so romantic.

Mine is a collage of stormy clouds. I used to do loads of collage years ago and I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty (Prittstick and newsprint, gah!) but HOW frustrating not to be able to reproduce what I could see!  More practice required.

photo 2

My learning: I never knew that crows could or would aggressively see off a heron.  I never thought I’d be happy to see crows lurking around, even saying thanks to them, as with their help maybe our new little goldfish will last a while yet.

If you are tempted, there’s no reason why you can’t join in!

More information can be found here: www.qalballah.com/?p=8450 and you can check out the Flickr group here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/weeklysketch/

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