Top 10 Research Priorities for Autism – have your say!

Yesterday Autistica (a charity which both funds and campaigns for medical research to understand the causes of autism, improve diagnosis, and develop new treatments and interventions) launched a survey to gather the opinion of those affected by autism, and those caring for or working with a person with autism. 


It is only open to UK residents, but if you are one, and you want a say in where future research money is spent, then go check out the survey.

You can suggest three areas of study.  For me, my wish list was:

  • the real impact of gut health, diet and nutrition on the symptoms of autism
  • is autism just one condition or would a large brain imaging study show distinct sub-conditions that could be treated differently and more effectively
  • how could public spaces easily be made autism friendly (noise, crowd management, lighting, signage quiet areas etc…)

If there’s not going to be so much (research) money flowing round the NHS and elsewhere, let’s make sure it’s spent where we want it!

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