Sisterhood of the World Bloggers: 10 questions

I’m officially coming out as a blogger.  I have made a Facebook page.  I’m not sure you can technically call yourself a blogger when you don’t make any money from it, but hell, I’m going to anyway.  It’s better than stupid old fatty.

…and because someone today told me I am vile in the comments of another post on here.  In their context and from their viewpoint, I was tempted to agree. More importantly, I didn’t really mind. Boom. Professional blogger attitude developing right there.

…and because I’ve been nominated for a ‘Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award’.  Aww!

To be honest, I don’t fully ‘get’ these bloggers-loving-other-bloggers awards.  Makes me feel a bit awkward in that “will I really die if I don’t forward on this chain letter email?” way.

However I have been nominated by a sass-tastic and rather gorgeous lady called Elke who blogs as The Pretty Platform. I am chuffed, as this mother-of-mouth-almighty has also been Freshly Pressed, which means a lot to me.

Thank you Elke, I will play along… sort of.

So, copying directly from her post, I understand that I must:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Nominate seven blogs.

So there’s two main flaws in that as:

  • I don’t tend to do what I’m told and I don’t like the logo very much so that’s not happening.
  • I don’t really read other blogs.  I am possibly going to implode in the irony of it all when I say that, to be very honest, I’m not that interested in what anyone else has got to say.  What an arsehole, eh?

But I’ll worry about that later, I just LOVE answering lists of questions!

Here I go!

1) If there was a book written about you, what would it be titled?

Greasy Wrinkles.  In fact, if I get time to write it (laugh, sigh) then my book will possibly be called that.  I am so thrilled every single day to still be suffering with the greasy T-Zone and blemishes of my teenage years whilst also developing an increasing number and depth of wrinkle(s).  I have a magnifying mirror that is used for both spot squeezing and beard plucking.  That’s just not right.  Greasy Wrinkles also does nice analogy things for me about being a body-of-woman mind-of-girl miscreant freak…

2) If you could go back to any age in your life, which would it be, and why?

I’m not sure.  I am a look-forwarder.  I certainly wouldn’t want to change anything.  I am genuinely happy.

Although I would love to be thin, have a naturally healthier outlook, and although I sometimes wonder about where I’d be now if I’d made other choices etc…

I am happy. Here. Today. Now.

That said, when I was 20, I did have the most amazing mind-blowing Hollywood movie-esque one night stand with a chap whose beer goggles meant that I got to punch SO far above my weight, no one would’ve believed me, and whose breeding meant that the next morning he charmingly carried on the ‘you are the most incredible woman on the planet’ pretence, right up until I dropped him home…

Yes.  I gave him a lift home.  It was frankly the least I could do.

In another lifetime or universe or something, where I’d not yet met my wonderful hubby so I couldn’t hurt his feelings, I’d perhaps give that fellow another whirl.

3) What single accomplishment are you most proud of?

My marriage.  I’m not just saying that to counteract the previous answer.  I met my husband when I was a few days off 22 years old.  We’ve been together for coming up 20 years.  That’s pretty unusual around here.

We share a very puerile sense of humour and a love of brown sauce on toast.

He’s been off work today and we’ve spent some time together pottering in the garden for the first time in ages (with the TV as babysitter, top parenting) and I feel great.  I think he does too.

He commented I looked younger tonight, and I felt it too.  We’re a rare type that thrive on time together, we never need space or time apart, in fact that doesn’t work for us at all.  We need loads of time together, can’t get enough.

Yeah, I know.  Puke, puke, puke.

It is my accomplishment as I asked him out in the first place.

4) Country living or city living?

Neither.  Seaside living.  No place else compares.  Except maybe Estuary living. I could do that too.

5) What’s your favorite joke? Do tell.

Q: What’s brown and sticky?
A: A stick.

6) Are you an ugly or pretty crier?

SUPERFUGLY.  I have never cried in a mirror to confirm that. I have never needed to.  I have always been able to see the horror on people’s faces even through the tears.  I am a sniffing, snorting, coughing, grolly-hocking drooler of a crier.  There’s way too much bodily fluid involved. I think it might even come out of my ears. It’s not nice.

Bonus titbit:  I am absolutely phobic of being cried on.  I cannot stand to feel someone else’s (apart from daughter’s) tears on me, especially if they have reached my skin through clothing.  If I am ever up for murder, that will be why.

7) If you could donate money to one cause, to one organization, which would it be?

So far I believe my plastic surgery shopping list is up to about £25k. There’s not many plights I see as more serious than the state of my physique.

8) What do you think should be taught in schools today that isn’t already?

Nothing.  I think it would be better if a lot of parents were reminded of what their responsibility is, rather than schools being under constant pressure and criticism for not extending their remit.

My daughter is now home educated as I didn’t feel her school could meet her needs.  I do not mean that as a criticism, just a reality.  So I’m decreasingly knowledgeable about schools.

Most of the experiences that I have with kids and young people that are ‘below par’ to put it nicely are to do with basic social skills, deference, understanding and respect: all things that should be learned at home.

9) How do you like your steak cooked?

In butter.  French (proper) rare, as long as it’s really good quality and well aged.

10) What vacation spot did you enjoy the most?

Any that involved a beach.  Hot sand, bare toes, treasure hunting, rock pooling, getting buried up to the neck, opening your eyes underwater and thinking you may never see again for the pain, people watching, weeing in the sea, skimming stones, losing your flip flop to a sudden wave, filling buckets with jellyfish and chasing girls with them, snorkelling, trying to pull limpets off rocks, collecting sea glass, super happy dogs barking at rocks, licking dry salty arms to make the smell come back…

Dirty, (semi-)naked and happy!

18 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers: 10 questions

  1. Bravo….I’m always adamant about these chain thingys as well. But hey…who knows, if I broke the chain I’d probably get 7 more years of bad luck living with my horrid mother in law and I just couldn’t chance it. Thanks for helping me out with the Chain Gods. I too can’t deal with the sub par teachings of the public school system and I was made to live on the beach. Too bad for me that I’m stuck in New Jersey instead. Thanks for playing along. I’ll let you know if my in laws are gone by morning.


  2. Your writing makes me laugh hard enough to almost wet myself and I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you!

    The comment about pimples and beard hair was hysterical. What is up with that combination anyway? It’s so uncool. :/


  3. Lol I write a blog but it’s strictly for my 2 girls, I started it when the Dr’s of gloom told me “there is nothing left we can do for you” spiel, then I started a trial drug, lost well over 100lbs (it was excess fluid as my organ were failing, but I just like saying I lost over 100lbs because it looks good 😋) and am now “stable” which means right now I’m incurable rather than terminal, it may sound the same but being incurable gives me hope that I’ll be alive to watch my kids grow up. From what I’ve been told, I’m the only person in the world who has done o well on this drug. I’m actually really bad at blogging, I keep forgetting to write so I could never be a “proper” blogger, although I do read others blogs, but they’re all in the states. I don’t understand about all these blogger awards, so congratulations for winning (?) or being nominated (?) , if you haven’t won I hope you do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I thought your answers to these questions was brilliant – I can relate to No. 6 and No. 10 brought so many memories back of holidays in Port Eynon on the Gower when I was a kid – has really cheered me up. Thank you xxxx


    1. Thank you too for saying! I’m sat here smiling, an important thing to do.

      So is the washing. I’ve been up here supposedly showering and stripping the bed for ages. Meh.

      Husband yelling at me like a teenager to get organised!


  5. One parent has read it and enjoyed it very much. Even parents were young once and this, a parent who was a teenager in the 60’s, say no more!! Glad that your wicked sense of humour is being spread widely for many to enjoy and help water the daisies! Your unique ability is to see the humour in everyday things is one of the many many things that we miss every day now that you are living away from home with your own family. Love you to bits. Keep us entertained. Finish that book!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think you’re an awesome blogger!!! You definitely have a gift of wit as well as amazing writing skills. Bravo!!! I look forward to following and reading more!! : )


    1. Especially not ASD young ears!! We are currently trying to wean someone off the thrills of the word ‘butt’ which for some reason sounds super offensive coming out of an angel-faced 7yo mouth… Welcome summer and high decibel garden action!!


  7. Ha! I have the same favorite joke! The best part is that my husband can never remember the answer, or he plays along. My 7 yo’s favorite is “Look under there!!” “Under where?” “Ha ha! You said underwear!” Perhaps another for your repertoire.

    Hope he is home again and your support network is once again available for sneaking out of the house.


    1. LOVE the joke. Going to tell daughter now… Haha! He is home, I am about to venture out to take the dogs to the groomers 2 months overdue, they cannot see. Then to return a top to Next – boy oh boy how I roll!


  8. Did I read something about making money at this? Yes, I’m laughing as I typed that. Good luck with all your adventures; blogging and otherwise. In the words of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe, “I wish you well.”


  9. Just had a damned good laugh reading your blog to other bloggers – “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” is about right! I’ve not been about for a bit as work’s sort of taken up my time for the last few weeks (damn and blast!)

    I may write my own “Against Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” blog yet!

    Cos I’m like that!

    I loved some of your answers to questions: I could probably write a blog on each.

    Suffice to say at the moment: steak must be good quality and cooked blue to rare at most – favourite is ribeye cooked blue – I can just about get it that way myself but can definitely do rare. The fat in this cut is the key: allows slightly longer cooking and adds to flavour 🙂 Aldi do a very good one for under a fiver – is as good as Tesco Finest and better than many butchers. Definitely good to practice cooking skills on!

    More news on my own blog at some point – just too damned busy at work to do much ATM 😦


    Cathy xxx


    1. Oh dear, where did my first reply go?! I can’t see it…

      Gah! I can never write things well twice!

      Suffice to say I agreed re Aldi steak and then last time I had a very rogue one. Stringy to the point of making you shudder… But you have tempted me to try again!

      I avoid Tescos with a passion I would never go there if it wasn’t for their apple squash which with tonic water and ice and mint makes for a lovely summer slurp for the nominated driver 🙂

      Hark at us, we’ll be food blogging next………..



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