5 thoughts on “‘I Stand Quietly’ in Australia on Essentialkids.com.au

  1. I feel for you both….I have an Autistic daughter who has sensory modulation dysfunction…yes I know how hard it is even for them to just put on a pair of socks….stay strong 💗


  2. I’ve read your words over and over. I can relate to all your emotional pain and despair observing your daughters struggles and you trying to deal with your own angst and finding temporary relief through food. I’d like to tell you about me, very briefly.

    My daughter mirrors much of your daughters behaviour – tactile repulsion or obsession (telling me that she has an overwhelming urge to grab at a stranger’s dress in the supermarket ), butcher shops that make her dry reach, a school celebration she feels too overwhelmed to attend. She becomes more reclusive. ..states “i hate people. everyone stares at me cos I’m a freak, i am ugly, i am fat.”
    As suggested i attended parenting lessons, sat through years of therapy sessions. I attended food allergy clinics behavioural sessions, psychiatric assessments etc. No answers.

    Last month i found my baby girl’s biggest secret in her room. The words on the box “Do not open except Milly” (her one and only friend), inside were 30 envelopes and included birthday and Christmas cards for the next 5 years, envelopes with words such as “open when you feel like crying, when you think no one loves you, when you want to remember our good times. The envelope that pushed me over the edge was the one she’d coloured in in a red texter. “Open when I’m gone #dead.”

    My Baby Girl is 15. Never diagnosed. Alone, scared and trapped by her own mind. I’m her mum and i am helpless.


  3. Hello. I don’t think you came across as a martyr, you came across as a Mother, trying to just help at least one person understand what it is like for your daughter. I had no idea, personally, but I have experienced judging comments and looks when my daughter was on a high dose of steriods as a baby to fight a medical problem. The comments I received were so hurtful and came from people who had no idea what was going on with my daughter. It taught me to have more compassion and to remind myself, that I have no idea what is going on in another child’s life. Or in their parent’s life. So thanks for a glimpse in your and your daughter’s life. Your words will also help me teach my children to be more compassionate to kids with autism.


  4. I Stand Quietly was absolutely amazing. I reposted on to my FB page for all to read. Your detail of emotion had me right there with you. I have ventured in to the rest of your blog and your writing is superb, a true inspiration to all parents. Your accounts truly tug at my heart. And thanks for making me more aware of Autism. So many of us are just uneducated.

    I just started blogging a year ago because I love to write and it truly is a liberating feeling to have so many others reading as well.
    I know it’s silly, and you don’t have to do it. I was just curious with regards to some of the questions I included in the following to get to know some fellow bloggers a bit more. But I included your blog in my post of the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers as one of the greatest blogs I’ve come across. You don’t need to partake, but I would be honored.



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