Sometimes Words are Enough

After a night of insomnia (not unusual here) I decided to remove all the pictures of my daughter and my family from this blog.  

1928773_57936259049_4547_nWell, apart from ‘Limey’.  Man, I love this pic.  The world can have it with my love.

I am beyond thrilled at how ‘I Stand Quietly’ seems to have caught a very kind breeze and is drifting gently around the internet catching astonishing momentum.  I am also very humbled.  It has really got my husband and myself thinking.

We have definitely done the right thing sharing our story.  People have commented on how much it has affected them and changed their perceptions, and some say that it has given a different insight into autism, and one that is accessible, and that is all we could have hoped for.

The elephant in the room is that my daughter is totally unaware of all of this and will, for the foreseeable, continue to be.

I used to work in online media.  That’s partly why this route for awareness and fund raising appealed to me.  One of the things I understood was the power of images.  An image makes an article more memorable and sticky.

That’s why, not confident in my words, I peppered the blog with pictures of my absolutely beautiful daughter.  She is breathtakingly gorgeous.  Forget autism, as a super-proud Mummy, I want everyone to see what I made, I want to shout from the rooftops, she is just divine.

But then at 2am I had that terrible heavy worry that whilst, to date, I have received nothing but love, support and kindness from ‘the people of t’internet’, there’s always that tiny chance that some twat will troll us.

I can stand by my decision to put our story out there and I know that when we eventually tell her, my daughter will understand why.

She is the kindest most thoughtful soul and is always looking to help people and make others’ lives better.  But unlike how we can walk away from unkind words in the street,  close our front door and start to forget, a nasty misuse of her image could haunt us indefinitely…

I’m absolutely chuffed to say that I’ve hit my second target of £1,000 raised for the UK National Autistic Society. Six days ago, I thought £250 would be great.  Over that same short time period, this blog has had over 47,500 visits.

So anything else is a bonus.  And so maybe words are enough.  And of course, we didn’t share for us, we shared for all families and individuals standing quietly faced with autism and so it makes sense to let the kicked conker fly more anonymously and develop a life of its own so that it does a better job for everyone.

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