Avocado on the ceiling

Feckadeedooooodaaaaaaaaahhhh! Wiping up the avocado that I’ve just huffed out of my left nostril in shock: this blog has made it onto Blogs of the Day on wordpress.com !!!!!

Respect to the neighbours for turning a deaf ear on the semi-suppressed whoop sick-sounding-grunt-squeal of excitement that I just let out with my face pressed up against your fence, I don’t want to worry my daughter. 

Apologies to my darling husband who will have to wipe the ceiling for me as I am scared of heights.

Thanks again Gwyneth-style to all who have shared so far… come on the rest of you: there’s a slim chance that, for a very short time window, it could make you seem cool*.

And even better than all of that, I’m sat listening to the most infectious hysterics as daughter watches our daft fluffy dog spinning in circles trying to lick avocado chunks off the back of his own head. Epic.

*I can’t guarantee that

Edited to say that ‘avocado’ is NOT an analogy for ‘bogies’, I was at the stats again whilst eating my lunch.

2 thoughts on “Avocado on the ceiling

  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and as your Mum I have enjoyed your wit and humour over many years. I am thrilled that your unique talent of being able to see the funny side of almost any situation helps lighten what could be quite dark moments in your life. Dark moments are your stepping stones to building a stronger more entertaining you. I hope that those who are reading your posts, who have their own burdens to overcome, for what ever reason, will find extra strength and an opportunity to smile courtesy of one amazing Mum that’s you Jill. Love you to bits. You are doing an amazing job. Keep going! You certainly help us all, giving us the opportunity to smile and see the sunny, funny side of life. It will make us lighter of heart to deal with our own dark moments. You’re a Mum, wife, daughter in a million!


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