Friday Joyfulness!! Sunshine, social media, standing quietly gobsmacked!! #istandquietly

Last night, I was feeling somewhat remiss that I hadn’t yet said thank you to all of the 29 people who had taken the time to share my #istandquietly post on Facebook.  Then I looked at my blog stats…

With little free time available, I was torn between saying thanks and trying to spread the story further… I opted for the latter as I’m hoping that the sharers know me well enough to know how grateful I am.

Autism gets a bit serious sometimes, let’s have a cat today instead.

I thought I would look at how many people had visited my blog mostly out of paranoia that I hadn’t got the link right.

Hopping McShizzle.  Over 2,000 unique visitors.  Freak out now.

…and like that hadn’t got me welling up already: there were comments, lovely comments from real people.

If you have another minute (yes, I know I KEEP ASKING!), then have a read… over the weekend I am also going to share some of the lovely comments I have received on Facebook too.

Belief is an interesting thing.  Once upon a time when I had a job, I liked to think I knew a little about social media and I definitely believe in its power for good and bad and a lot of meh in the middle.  But I didn’t believe in myself or my words so strongly… and whilst I am definitely a cup-half-full gal, I was worried that I was going to shout into a very enormous vacuum.

So hurrah.

Hurrah to all who have taken the time to read and share so far – I can’t quite believe it – you didn’t have to, so that’s dead cool of you.

Hurrah to the autism parents who’ve made contact: even though I am very lucky to have supportive friends and family around me, a quiet nod from another ‘practitioner in the field’ goes a long way to helping me believe I am doing the right thing and believing it will get better.

Lastly, I hit my target to raise £250 for the UK National Autistic Society too!  So I am now being cocky and aiming for £1,000.  She who dares!

4 thoughts on “Friday Joyfulness!! Sunshine, social media, standing quietly gobsmacked!! #istandquietly

  1. My grandson is autistic and aged 14, I know what we all go through as a family, but his mum takes the worst of it, my heart goes out to you. As you say they can be a joy to be with, but on the whole it is a hidden illness, and has to be handled with great care. Your words made me cry and are oh so true. Thank you


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment too! Sometimes I think I am lucky my daughter is as sensitive as she is… I think ALL children should be handled with great care and just because perhaps a neurotypical kid can bounce back more quickly and more often doesn’t sometimes make this less relevant to their parents too maybe? But I do appreciate that there are situations that we experience that no parent of ‘normal’ kids would understand… lots of love to you all xxxxxx


      1. Thank you for your posts. I stand quietly made me cry as you could have written it for me and my daughter. She is 12 now and not diagnosed with Autism as i have always maintained that she has a huge amount of empathy and the proffesionals who were working with us were horrible. So she is now home educated and much happier. It was wonderfull and empouring to read, as your experiances and belifes are so simmilar to my own. She can now where jods, shirts and a ridding hat but needs to practice when feeling good . and she can cope with public toilets if im there and she has prepared herself so i gess things get easier.


  2. I only wish my son could express his sensitivities. It hurts to know he is distressed but I don’t know what or why. He keeps saying “you don’t understand” and just today “it’s complicated”. Thank you for sharing as it helps more than you could know.


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